About Me

Originally from London, I first visited Guernsey in the 1975. Since moving here in 2006, I have been involved in Guernsey business and Island life, and completed and published two books.  

Curriculum Vitae

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Guernsey General Election

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2020 Campaign video and LOGO

Text of video:

“Hello, you’ve found me, I’m Fergus Dunlop.
I have over 30 years’ experience in international finance.
For three of which I was also a Constable out West.
My points:
• I don’t like political parties.
• I do like living within our means.
• I want to support for the Finance sector.
• And stick up for local networks.

About parties. My first job was in the House of Commons for an MP. Most of it I loved. The part I hated was the sordid party conferences. That’s why I have never been a member of a party, and never will be. Guernsey is small enough not to need them.
Living within our means. Look this is serious stuff. We don’t have our own central bank. We can’t print money to get out of trouble. If our debts get too big, it will really, really hurt. And we do get it wrong. The last bond was so juicy that, today, just to buy it back, for every pound we borrowed, we would have to pay one-pound-forty. States deputies have no right to gear up and turn our island into a massive hedge fund. It’s not fair on our children’s future. Imagine if our parents had loaded us like that!
The Finance sector does well for Guernsey. If not for you, then maybe for your children. Or your parents. But it keeps changing. We have world-class expertise here, people who can put us on the cutting edge. For free. But we’ve forgotten how to use them. We have to relearn that. From day one I’ll start to welcome them back.
Which brings me to local networks. Again, this is about people. Parishes. And public transport. Guernsey is connected. Internally. Like a brain. All our volunteers and sports teams, and arts and… We so punch above our weight!
It’s unique. But fragile.
Party-free. Living within our means.
pro-Finance. Getting our neural network going.
Do these, and the good things can follow.
Thanks for watching.
Vote Dunlop.”


Parish and Island-wide

St Saviour’s

  • 2010, Junior Constable
  • 2011–12, Senior Constable
  • 2009–present, Sunday Club leader
  • 2010–present, Advisory Church Council
  • 2018–present, elected Parish rep on the Church Management Board


Since 2009, Bus Users Guernsey
Campaigns won:

  • Bus Tracker App
  • Wifi on the buses
  • Night buses
  • More bus shelters
  • Smaller buses
  • Less polluting buses
  • Bus numbers on the back and sides
  • Better timetables
  • One timetable all year
  • Shorter routes
  • More logical routes
  • Frequent services.


  • 2009, helped stop the £175m bond
  • 2013, signatory to the Douzaine Charter
  • 2014, campaigned to stop the £330m bond
  • 2018, campaigned for Option B, parish voting
  • 2020, campaigned against the £500m bond

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