Why I Ran In 2020


  • In large populations, political parties may help. Where voters never meet their candidates face-to-face, they may need a manifesto to read.
  • But Guernsey is small. Voters meet face-to-face with candidates and deputies all the time. That’s a truer test.
  • Manifestos cause bad blood. Either they are hot air, or too much for any individual voter or deputy to be able to agree with it all. This is when a Deputy votes against their conscience. Will your Deputy be true to themself, or follow their Party Manifesto?
  • A successful Party candidate doesn’t know if the voters chose them, or the Party. They fear being cold-shouldered by the Party which helped them in.
  • Parties attract candidates who play party politics. The party conferences are more about schmoozing than policy.
  • I have first-hand experince of this, as assistant to an MP in Westminster after uni.
  • That is why I never have been a member of a Party, and I never will be.


The Finance industries do well for Guernsey, probably even for someone in your family.

  • But government has drifted away from listening to Finance.
  • The Committee for Economic Development dropped its non-States committee members four years ago.
  • Our best intentions and world-class advice are too easily ignored.
  • Legislation is passed with little time for consultation, so that key words are vague or omitted.
  • Relations between the regulator and industry have never been so been strained.
  • The Committee for Economic Development must back those world-class technical skills.

Networked island

  • … and business networks, academics, regulators, tax officers, civil servants, ports authorities, the list goes on.
  • Guernsey so punches above its weight – indeed we are sometimes world class without realising it.
  • We are so networked that many of us switched to working from home without missing a beat.
  • Telecoms, local media, public transport, are all part of this vitality.
  • All these internal connections! It’s like a brain, unique but fragile.
  • I started Bus Users Guernsey (BUG) in 2009 and today we have achieved many of our ojectives.
  • In 2013 I signed the States Douzaine Charter on behalf of St Saviours. But Island-Wide Voting now threatens the Douzaines.
  • We must protect and nurture our on-Island networks.

Jewel of the sea

Where to begin? History perhaps:

  • The neolithic tombs and standing stones? The ancient forest exposed on the west coast at low tide?
  • Homer’s Greece? I like the idea that ‘Lisia’ was previously ‘Elysium’.
  • Or Rome? Prof Le Patourel (Oxon.) speculated that our Jurats date from the time of the caesars.
  • Our wonderful stubbornness? No dictator since pre-history (bar an episode in the 1940s).
  • Our Plantagenet feudalism? More humane than the bossy type the English developed after 1066.
  • 18th and 19th century stone houses in St Peter Port?  Because so much continental brandy and gin was warehoused in Town that the Douzaine feared a firestorm.
  • Or the German cemetery beside the Bluebell Woods? Which brings me to…
  • Botany? The microclimate of Candie Gardens. The Société’s orchid fields behind L’Eree.
  • Marine biology? Let’s survey our kelp and maerl habitats, and set out some underwater reserves.
  • Lepidopterology? The Glanville Fritillary butterfly, almost extinct from the British Isles, still holds to our southern cliffs.
  • Guernsey needs a Strategy for Nature. My placard at the BLM rally said ‘Equal Justice Under The Law’. Back to those vital Jurats.

No more debt

 The idea to borrow £500m comes from a wrong guess about our economy back in April 2020.

  • We don’t need the money.
  • The April 2020 Policy Letter assumed unemployment of 10% by Christmas (see my paper ‘Saying No To The Bond’ sent to the Deputies here). Even in July 2020, when joblessness was down to 3%, this scare was repeated.
  • In August 2020, S&P predicted a 9% contraction in Guernsey GDP for the year. Nonsense. Some taxpaying parts had record years. This was reflected in the final figures announced in 2021.
  • This is because more than two thirds of our economy can work easily from home; the schools were all back by 8th June; and again in 2021 on 8th and 9th March; and the Staycation £ is worth three times the spending of visitors (see my June 30th 2020 paper, ‘To Infinity and Beyond: a critique of P&R’s Green Paper for post-lockdown’, sent to the Deputies here).
  • And we do make blunders. The State’s 2014 bond was a horror story.
  • To buy back their £330m Guernsey bond today would cost £460m. That’s how bad the timing was.
  • Almost as embarrassing were the £millions of illogical bells and whistles attached. We were a joke in the market.
  • Then we couldn’t use it. The Bond was meant to consolidate the debts of States enterprises. But we had forgotten that those debts had expensive cancellation clauses. Oops.
  • And as interest rates fell, States trading boards could find cheaper loans elsewhere. Double oops. (Click here to see my first pamphlet on this from 2009.)
  • Today an independent board which accepted a loan from the States Bond could possibly be sued for dereliction of duty.
  • So what have we done? Rather than cancel the bonds, we gamble what we can’t lend – on the markets. Admittedly with reasonable odds. But borrowing to speculate – that’s what hedge funds do.
  • States members have no right to turn our Island into a massive hedge fund.
  • Should we inflict that on our kids?
  • Imagine if our parents had endebted us like that!

All the rest

  • THE REST FOLLOWS If we can get the jobs, tax and regulation right, we can pay for:
    • Good health – we need doctors and nurses, and prevention is better than cure.
    • Good education – we need teachers, and our exam results are better than critics said.
    • Good sports – creating the Guernsey Sports Commission was truly far-sighted.
    • Good training and retraining – the GTA, CFE, WEA, industry etc., do a great job. I support an independent Guernsey Institute.
    • Good connectivity – which means fibre and 5G, more than a longer runway.
    • Good stewardship of our corner of the planet – we are steadily getting there.


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